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Pregnancy, Wellbeing & Personal Circumstances

Several factors influence your health and wellbeing during pregnancy and health and wellbeing of the fetus, including diet, emotional wellbeing and the circumstances of your daily life.

Diet & Lifestyle

A healthy diet, sufficient rest and regular exercise are important for your health and wellbeing during pregnancy and vital for the healthy development of the fetus.

Some foods should be avoided during pregnancy, including raw or undercooked seafood and meat.

Smoking, including second-hand smoke, recreational drugs and some pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements can have serious damaging effects on a developing fetus.

A doctor or midwife should always be consulted before taking any pharmaceuticals or dietary supplements. Healthcare providers must know about a pregnancy before prescribing any treatments.

Postpartum Depression

It is important to recognize the symptoms of postpartum depression. Postpartum depression and other mental and emotional distress is not uncommon after having given birth. The symptoms often appear 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth, but can also appear during the last trimester or up to a year after giving birth.

If you suspect you might be experiencing postpartum depression, seek help from your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Close family and friends should also be aware of postpartum depression and offer support to get help.

Consult a doctor, midwife or nurse at your local healthcare center, as the best course of action to treat postpartum depression depends on the severity of the case.

Untreated, postpartum depression can have harmful affects on the development of the child and its relationship with you, as well as having lasting effects on your mental health.

Personal Circumstances

If you are pregnant and dealing with difficulties in your personal life, such as financial troubles, personal relationship issues or depression, speak to your prenatal healthcare provider.

In addition, social workers, psychologists and staff members working in social welfare programs are available through your municipality to provide advice and assistance.

Keep in Mind

Information on support and other resources is available through your prenatal healthcare provider.