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Improves rural area residents’ access to the centralised services of the capital.

Regions that fall under Loftbrú

The Loftbrú scheme covers the Westfjords, part of Northwest Iceland, Northeast Iceland, East Iceland, Hornafjörður and the Westman Islands. The area is demarcated according to postal codes. In total, the Loftbrú discount terms cover more than 60,000 residents in these areas.

These discounts should be enjoyed by all those who travel to the capital area for central services and leisure and want to visit relatives and friends. The objective of the initiative is to level the playing field for the population and strengthen the country’s rural areas by making domestic flights more affordable. Loftbrú is intended for people who travel to the capital for personal matters, but not for work or traditional business trips.

Two groups have a special status and are exempted from the rule of having to be legally domiciled in a rural area. Upper secondary school students from rural areas, who are studying in the capital area and have temporarily moved their legal domicile there, will be eligible for Loftbrú discounts. Children who are legally domiciled in the capital area but have a parent or guardian who is legally domiciled in a rural area will be eligible for Loftbrú discounts. Work is being done on expanding the service so that lower airfares can be offered to these two groups. The goal is to complete that process by the end of the year.