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Acknowledgements of Paternity

Acknowledgements of paternity shall be submitted directly to Registers Iceland. This form is used only when establishing a child's paternity. Registering a child's name is done with a separate form. If the mother has not registered her marital status with Registers Iceland, she must submit a certificate of marital status before paternity can be established. The parents must consult the district commissioner on matters of child support and custody arrangements. If the father is under the age of 18, paternity must be established before the district commissioner. According to art. 4 of the Children Act, No. 76/2003, the declared father must sign the acknowledgement in the presence of two witnesses, who verify his signature with their own signatures. If the parents or witnesses do not have an Icelandic ID number then a copy of the party's passport must be included.

Mother's Statement of Paternity and Father's Acknowledgment