General information

This portal is part of the EUGO European network that aims to make it easier for European citizens to offer their services cross border in the internal market of the EU.

The objective of the Services Directive is to realise the full potential of services markets in Europe by removing legal and administrative barriers to trade. The simplification measures introduced by the Directive have increased transparency and made it easier for businesses and consumers to provide or use services in the Single Market.  The Directive was adopted in 2006 and implemented by all EU countries in 2009. Iceland implemented The Directive on the 10th of June 2011.

The PSC's are one-stop-shops for service providers to get information and complete administrative formalities online in all EU and EES countries.

Three steps

  • Step 1: We recommend you first get a clear overview of the process which consists of 3 simple steps and check if the application you want to send in appertains to the Service Directive. If it does you should find it in the applications directory or on the page containing forms A-Z. It is very important that you read all the information included on the corresponding application page where you should find both information on qualifications, preconditions and law and regulation applicable.
  • Step 2: Choose your application from the application directory or forms A-Z by downloading it and fill it in.
  • Step 3: Go to send documents. Choose the authentication method. Authenticate yourself. Upload the application and attach documents if needed and send them electronically through e-Delivery. You will receive a confirmation that your application has been sent.
To be able to use e-Delivery you need to authenticate yourself, you can do that with electronic certificate (Stork 2.0) or just use your e-mail address (Document Delivery).
If you need to upload more than one document it is important that the first document you upload is the application and then you can add attachments since the application contains information about where e-Delivery will send the application. e-Delivery will fail if the order is different.

Step by step

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