Application for a Professional Certification for Dental Technicians

General information

The Ministry of Industries and Innovation issues certifications to Dental Technicians.


In order to be able to acquire the right to practice on their own responsibility, Dental technicians shall attend a course (courses) which the Minister of Industry deems satisfactory or acquire education in a comparable manner. There shall be consultation with specialists concerning the extent of courses, if necessary. The Minister of Industry will require satisfactory attendance and performance at courses.

Both Masters and Journeymen of Dental Technology may attend these courses, but Master qualification is conditional for the granting of professional rights by the Minister of Industry. There shall be consultation with the Icelandic Dental Technicians Association and, depending on circumstances, other parties concerning the granting of rights, if necessary.

The Minister may assess education which has been acquired as being equivalent to courses and parts thereof, as well as professional experience, provided that there will, as far as applicable, be sought consultation with the parties concerned about such an assessment.

Information about when and where the relevant courses and the certification exams are held can be acquired at the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

Necessary supporting documents:

  1. A certified academic transcript with a list of courses and results obtained.

Laws and regulations

  • Act respecting Professional Rights of Dental Technicians
  • Regulation respecting Professional Rights of Dental Technicians
  • Rules respecting Limitation of Professional Rights of Dental Technicians

Further information

The Ministry of Welfare