Licence to operate as an automobile salesman

General information

It is necessary for a service provider to get a licence in order to be authorized to sell automobiles in Iceland.

The sale of used cars shall be carried out at a stable infrastructure.

A service provider has to comply to the following conditions:

  1. Be resident in the EEA area,
  2. Have reached twenty years of age,
  3. Have legal rights and have not during the immediate past three years in connection with professional operations been subject to Judgment for an act subject to penalty according to the Penal Code or the Acts respecting Public or Private Limited Companies, book-keeping, annual accounts, bankruptcy or official dues as well as the Acts respecting the sale of used vehicles.
  4. Have the administration of their estate.
  5. Have submitted a policy in evidence of their having taken guarantee insurance with an approved Insurance Company, acquired a bank guarantee or submitted other guarantees which the Minister deems valid and will indemnify customers in respect of loss which they may cause them by means of their work in the capacity of automobile salesmen. Further provisions concerning the guarantee insurances, i.e. minimum amount and terms of insurance, shall be determined by means of Regulations.
  6. Have attended a course and completed an examination there in accordance with examination requirements which are laid down in Regulations determined by the Minister.

Laws and regulations