Application for a Special License to Prepare Declarations of Division of Ownership

General information

Only those who have received special licences from the Minister of Social Affairs may undertake to prepare declarations of division of ownership.

Licences shall be issued for terms of five years, and the person concerned shall pay to the Treasury a fee for a licence certificate in accordance with the Treasury (Additional Revenue) Act. Advertisements about the granting and revocation of licences shall be published in the Official Gazette.


  1. Legal competence - the capacity to dispose of one's own assets.
  2. That the person concerned demonstrate that he has a competent knowledge of the legislation covering multi-owner buildings, the construction legislation, the Real Estate Registration and Assessment Act, the Registration Act and other relevant legislation, and the knowledge required to apply the valid rules and procedures regarding calculation.
  3. That the person concerned has attended a course and completed an examination in accordance with examination requirements which are laid down in Regulations determined by the Minister.

Laws and regulation