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On 10th of June 2011 the Icelandic Parliament passed the Act on Trade in Services in the internal market of the European Economic Area (case no. 645 - law number 76/2011). With the Act the  rules of the European Parliament and Council Directive 2006/123 from 12th of December 2006 on services in the internal market was implemented.

The act contains, among other things, rules on access to services, requirements for documentation, right to information, conditions on granting permits, the validity of permits and the permit procedure.

According to the fourth article of the act, the service providers should be able to apply for necessary permits electronically and receive electronic responses from the issuer of permit. This also applies to all the necessary formalities regarding the issuing of the permit. The sixth article of the act lists the information that should be available to service providers electronically.

In accordance with article 4 of the act a service (e. single point of contact) has been set up under for the information and services. Here you will find information on all permits that the act applies to as well as application forms that can be delivered electronically to the issuer of permit. Information and application forms are available in Icelandic and English.

Application forms are sent through netskil (electronic document delivery). Service providers must identify themselves and to do so there are various ways. In the Icelandic section the authentication can be done through e-ID or with a webkey from the Internal Revenue Directorate. On the English section of the web the identification can be done either with a webkey from the Internal Revenue Directorate or e-mail registration. Once authenticated the user can then upload the application form and supporting documents. By this process the issuer of permits receives the application.

Further information on the identification and upload of documents (e-delivery of documents).


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