Addresses of Competent Authorities


Administration of Occupational Safety and Health

Dvergshofda 2, 110 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 550 4600

The Administration of Occupational Safety and Health (AOSH) is an independent institution under the Ministry of Social Affairs. It´s role is to prevent accidents and health damage in the workplace. The current legislation, Act on Working Conditions, Health and Safety in the Workplace No. 46/1980, and a number of regulations ratified by the Minister for Social Affairs, cover workplaces on land with a staff of one or more persons. The AOSH is responsible for enforcing the legislation.

Directorate of Customs

Tryggvagata 19, 101 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 560 0300

Directorate of Internal Revenue

Laugavegur 166, 150 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 442 1000

Iceland Construction Authority

Skulagata 21, 101 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 591 6000

The Iceland Construction Authority is in charge of matters regarding buildings.

Icelandic Tourist Board

Geirsgata 9, 101 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 535 5500

Icelandic Transport Authority

Armula 2, 108 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 480 6000

Registers Iceland

Borgartun 21, 105 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 515 5300

Registry of Enterprises

Laugavegur 166, 150 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 442 1000

The Environment Agency of Iceland

Suðurlandsbraut 24, 108 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 591 2000

The Fire Department

Skógarhlíð 14, 105 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 528 3000 (Only in Icelandic)

District Commissioner

Main page of the District Commissioner (Only in Icelandic)

District Courts

District Courts


Government offices 

Municipal Control District

Iceland is divided into 10 municipal control districts, each with a supervisory authority (Board of Public Health). These authorities are Environmental and Public Health Offices (LCAs) which have control duties related to food safety, environmental protection and general hygiene. The organization and structure of the LCAs is based on provisions of the Act No 7/1998 on Hygiene and Pollution control, and Act No 93/1995 on Food.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is responsible for the legislation on food safety, while the Ministry for the Environment is responsible for legislation on environmental protection and general hygiene. As a consequence, Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) is responsible for supervision of the LCAs activities regarding food safety, while Environment Agency of Iceland is responsible for their work related to environmental protection and general hygiene. These institutions issues guidelines which the LCAs are obliged to follow.

Affiliation of the Municipal Control Districts of Iceland (only in Icelandic)