Fara beint í efnið

Report of Death to Registers Iceland & District Commissioner

A death certificate is a report of an individual's death and cause of death to Registers Iceland on one hand, and a report of an individual's death to the district commissioner on the other.

A doctor or director of medicine at the relevant healthcare facility, the personal physician of the deceased or the district physician, and sometimes the police, depending on the matter of death, examine the body and a physician writes the death certificate.

  1. The deceased's next of kin receives the death certificate from the relevant healthcare facility or physician who examined the body.

  2. The next of kin then submits the death certificate to the district commissioner in the jurisdiction where the deceased maintained their legal domicile or where the deceased's estate will be settled.

  3. The district commissioner issues the next of kin a confirmation of receipt of the death certificate.

  4. The next of kin provides the priest, other religious officiant or funeral director with the confirmation. The funeral may not proceed with providing this confirmation.

  5. The district commissioner forwards the death certificate to Registers Iceland.

When a Person Dies Abroad

If a person dies abroad, the death certificate or equivalent foreign certificate is submitted to the district commissioner in the jurisdiction where the funeral will take place or where the deceased's estate will be settled.

Report of Death without a Death Certificate

If a death certificate cannot be produced, the district commissioner may accept a report of death provided any of the following supporting documents is submitted as well:

  • An official certificate signed by the individual, who, in their official capacity, is qualified to certify death

  • A police report prepared in Iceland that confirms the death in question or a court ruling issued in Iceland that a missing person is presumed dead

  • A court ruling issued in Iceland permitting the settlement of the estate of a missing person presumed dead

  • Equivalent foreign documentation supporting the claim


In cases of stillbirth there is no need to issue a death certificate. The relevant healthcare facility notifies Registers Iceland with a special form.