Fara beint í efnið

Libraries and archives

"The role of the public library is to provide people with easy access to a diverse collection of books and other media, including computer software and information in a computerised format.” From Article 1 of the Act on Public Libraries

Anyone can access books and other materials from public library collections with a library card. The libraries's websites include information on library cards, fees and lending rules.

Individuals who are blind or visually impaired and cannot use printed materials can try out audio books and Braille materials at the Library for the Blind.

Most primary and secondary schools and universities have their own library, which is intended to be used by staff and students.

The National Library/University Library is a research library, the national library and the library for the University of Iceland. The library is open to anyone aged 18 and older, as well as to children accompanied by an adult. Many institutions and companies have a dedicated library for their employees.

The National Archives and the district archive offices around the country store documents pertaining to the rights of the state, the municipalities and the public. Anyone who requests it can be granted access to the archives. Exceptions include materials that pertain to the public interest or the protection of personal and private information.