Fara beint í efnið

Interest groups and trade unions for artists

The Federation of Icelandic Artists is a confederation of artistic associations specialising in the various artistic disciplines. This includes e.g., the Writers' Union of Iceland, Icelandic Actors' Association and Association of Icelandic Musicians.

The object of the Federation of Icelandic Artists is to support the growth and scope of Icelandic art, advocate the interests of its members and foster internal collaboration and a sense of unity. Organisations that operate professionally in art and performance are eligible for membership of the Confederation of Icelandic Artists.

The websites of these various organisations and associations offer information on benefit funds, grants, awards, artist-in-residency programmes, contracts, working rates, laws, regulations, etc.

Benefit funds, grants and prizes

State-supported artist allowances are granted from the Visual Arts Allowance Fund, the Writers' Allowance Fund, the Composers' Fund and the Arts Fund. There is a call for applications in the autumn, and allowances are paid out in March every year. These allowances are offered for periods of between three months and three years.

Artists and writers can apply for grants from a number of institutions, private entities and funds. This includes working grants, travel grants, residency grants, publication grants, among other things. More information is available on the websites of the various institutions, private entities and funds.

Artist-in-residency programmes

Artists can apply for temporary stays in artist housing and the use of studio space, both in Iceland and abroad, for the purposes of pursuing their artistic work.

More information is available on the websites of artistic associations and organisations.