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Employment Contract and Employer Confirmation (1)

Employment Contact

Employment contracts are often based on existing collective wage agreements, which stipulate certain minimum terms and rights, like wages, work hours and vacation.

Contract for Employment

Employer Confirmation for EEA/EFTA Hire

In order for an EEA/EFTA foreign national to be registered with Registers Iceland (which is necessary for stays longer than three months), the foreign national's employer must submit a confirmation stating that they have entered into an employment contract with the EEA/EFTA foreign national. In cases where the EEA/EFTA foreign national registers their stay on the grounds of being a wage earner, they must show prove their employment in Iceland and that their income is sufficient to support them for three months. This form does not replace the employment contract between the employee and employer.

This form must be completed by an executive authorized to sign on behalf of the employer.

Employer Confirmation of EEA/EFTA Hire (Icelandic)